Chapter 6 – crafting messages for electronic media

I found the topic of anchoring online presence in a hub to be one of the more interesting points in this chapter and I would have liked to see more discussion on online hubs – both creating and maintaining. I think many businesses jump on the the decision to have an online presence without thinking about what electronic media options to choose and how to use the various media. For example, a media company may decide to use its twitter feed as a news medium (not just a business marketing tool) and, in the process, ignore its Facebook followers.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – crafting messages for electronic media

  1. You make an excellent point. Businesses should give careful thought to what social media to join in order to promote their business/message. Part of that decision-making process derives from a careful analysis of who the target audience is expected to be. In the end, Twitter and Facebook seem to be the standard bearers for creating a presence on the world wide web.

  2. I agree with you regarding this chapter, and finding a focus. As you suggest, it could focus on social media/networking/online hubs. Instead, in my opinion, this chapter tries to cover too many bases, and spreads itself too thin regarding the value it presents to the reader. Its sort of a mile wide, an inch deep in my opinion.

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