Chapter 10 – Understanding and Planning Reports and Proposals

The chapter offers some good information. However, I thought the discussion of surveys was too high level. The usability of survey results depends on the effort and quality of the input. In fact, there are people who specialize on designing and conducting surveys. A poorly designed or executed survey may end up being worthless; resulting in a waste of time, effort and money. The chapter did a disservice to students by implying that anyone can construct and conduct a survey.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Understanding and Planning Reports and Proposals

  1. You make a good point. Not everyone can design and/or conduct a survey. But if a student should ever find themselves in a position at work where they’re been assigned the task of creating a survey, perhaps for internal purposes, the book offers some tips or ideas for how to structure a survey. That said, I’d leave it to the experts if at all possible or feasible.

    • Actually makes it pretty easy to conduct a survey. You just load in all the email address and then you can choose from a bunch of canned questions. Then just hit send.

      • I agree that technology helps with the administration of conducting surveys and can help coordinate responses from a identified group. Creating and executing a good survey that can be used to project the results to a population is actually a technical skill. I don’t think that the chapter makes readers aware of the potential limitations to self created surveys.

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